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Is My Mole Normal? – London Dermatology Clinic

Is My Mole Normal?

When to get your Mole Checked Out?

Everybody has moles, but not everybody has the potential health problems that are commonly linked to them. Certain moles can foretell skin cancer or other serious dermatological issues, meaning that you should seek out mole removal in London or another local region in order to make sure you are healthy. At the same time, you don’t want to bother doctors with trivial matters. Here are a few of the major signs that tell you when it’s time to consult a physician.

Unusual Size or Shape

One of the first indications that somebody gets that a mole needs to be checked out is when the size or shape start to become unusual. Moles should have clearly-defined, regular borders that do not change over the course of time. They should also be smaller than the width of a pencil eraser. If you have a mole that has grown larger than that size or which is starting to show round asymmetrical borders, you should seek out a mole check in London to make sure the mole isn’t a potential malignancy. Most dermatologists and general practitioners can give you a mole analysis in London without the need to travel out of the region in order to contact a specialist.

Rapid Growth

Most moles grow very slowly if at all over the lifespan of the individual. A mole that grows rapidly or seems to change location is cause for concern. This situation doesn’t necessarily mean cancer, but it can be a number of different skin illnesses. Getting some mole analysis in London can help ease your mind and make sure that the rapidly growing mole is not a sign of something more significant. Often it can be a simple cyst or skin damage, but when it comes to making sure that your skin stays healthy, you are better off being safe than being sorry.


A mole should look like a normal growth or mutation of your skin. That means that the color should be close to your own skin tone. If your mole starts to look blue, purple, or otherwise non-skin colored, you should seek out mole analysis in London as soon as you possibly can. Making sure that you get your mole checked out at the appropriate time means that any action that needs to be taken can be taken immediately. The longer you wait on acting, the higher a chance you have of something being seriously wrong. Many people fear going to the doctor’s office because of the bad news it can bring, but the alternative means having to deal with much more serious problems down the road.

Mole analysis in London can be found through many different clinics and general providers. All told, it only takes a few minutes in a doctor’s office to determine whether your skin growth is normal or something that needs attention. The best thing to do is to make an appointment immediately if you think there is cause for concern. A few minutes can greatly benefit your overall health.

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