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Causes of a Rash – London Dermatology Clinic

Causes of a Rash

Common Causes of a Rash

Rashes are irritating skin problems that virtually everyone has experienced at one time or another. Solutions range from cleansing procedures to creams and even visits to a specialist like a rash dermatologist. To help ease the inconvenience that rashes bring, it helps to know where they come from and what the most common causes are. That way you can make sure to avoid things that will get your skin red and itchy in the first place.


Rashes become more common in the general populace in the springtime when allergies strike. Allergies are among the most common source of rashes, and they can be triggered by almost anything. In some cases, a rash is simply a symptom of more serious allergy complications, while in others the rash is caused specifically by contact to a certain allergen. If you have a known allergy and are experiencing a rash with other symptoms, you may only need to get some anti-itch or anti-inflammatory cream to help ease the irritation while you ride out the problem. If the problem is more severe or the allergy is something that is extremely common year-round, you should reach out to a rash dermatologist for help.

Environmental Factors

Contact with certain types of clothing, dust particles, and other environmental factors can all attribute to various kinds of rashes. This can be related to troubles with allergens, but that isn’t always the case. Anything that can irritate the skin, be it the type of detergent you use on your laundry or even the air freshener you use in your den. Identifying these environmental factors can be extremely tricky. If you rash doesn’t go away even when you make appropriate changes, you might want to consider seeking the advice of a rash dermatologist. If the need for a more in-depth investigation of your home becomes necessary, the service of a private dermatologist might be for you.

Air Quality

Rashes are most likely to occur during particularly dry periods of time. In northern regions, this is usually the case in the wintertime, while southern areas that experience arid summers might have the same problem. A rash dermatologist can help diagnose whether your skin irritation comes from dry weather or not and might be able to provide solutions to the problem. Common at-home remedies include the use of humidifiers to increase moisture in the air or certain kinds of lotions and skin moisturizers. Believe it or not, dietary changes can also help in certain people, as individuals who need more moisture can benefit from the vitamins in certain fruits and vegetables.

While there are many more different causes of skin rashes, your best bet if you don’t experience immediate relief if to consult a professional. A rash dermatologist can help you determine whether your skin problems are caused by personal or environmental effects and might be able to offer lifestyle changes that can make your rashes a thing of the past. As long as you remain cooperative and truthful with your dermatologist, the solution may be right around the corner.

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